Friday, January 4, 2013

Remedy #28 Vitamin B Complex, a Treatment for Social Anxiety and Depression

Among all vitamins and minerals, B Vitamins are maybe the most essential for our bodies. However, did you know they are very helpful for relieving the symptoms of social anxiety, depression and panic attacks? In fact, they are commonly used for anxiety by many practitioners. After all, B vitamins are primarily used to promote nervous system health. Increased emotional stability through B vitamins can be accomplished by increasing your intake of leafy green vegetables; or by simply taking the vitamins in supplement form. Click the LINK for the recommended brand.

Update (5/17/13): I had a blood test two weeks ago (for a regular check-up) where I was shown to be undernourished in the vitamin B12. It wasn't entirely a surprise to me, since a few years ago my intake of gluten and dairy (being allergic to both) messed up the lining of my digestive tract. Anyway, a few days ago, I started consuming a B-complex with a boost of B12, and I noticed my brain was working faster and I didn't feel the need for coffee. I also felt happier and noticed a huge difference in my amount of energy. This is common since B12 is also involved in energy metabolism.

So now based on my personal experience, I would say B-Vitamins are the second best treatment for Social anxiety and depression, after Exposure-Based Therapy.