Saturday, February 2, 2013

Remedy #42 L-Theanine, a Natural Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

What is it? L-Theanine is an anti-anxiety miracle naturally found in green tea. As a supplement, it can be a very helpful tool against depression, anxiety and even social anxiety. It works in the same manner as any other anti depressant, except it's completely natural. Some of these brain-altering benefits include a rise in GABA levels, a rise in serotonin and dopamine (look at Remedy #25) and an increase in alpha brain waves.

How does this help in curing depression? Well, the above results in relaxation and a calming effect, improved sleep, lowering of blood pressure and an improvement in the ability to focus and concentrate. Sound familiar? Yes, these are the benefits of drinking green tea too!

You can get the recommended brand of L-Theanine HERE.