Saturday, April 13, 2013

Remedy #80 Find that One Burning Reason to Cure Yourself of Social Anxiety Disorder

As helpful a site this is, one with a long list of treatments, it's not nearly as powerful as your own desire for change. Ask yourself... What is the burning reason behind that desire to overcome your anxiety? The general answers are obvious... Meet someone to fall in love with, make friends, do well at your job, etc. However, if you search your feelings, you may find your reasons are more specific... like a particular girl or guy you'd like to build a relationship with or perhaps a particular position at your job you'd very much like if not for your social anxiety. Or maybe, your reasons are more general. Whatever it is, it should be very powerful... because the process involved in bursting through the blockade of negative thoughts within your mind is not an easy one. Articulate these reasons. What do you want to achieve in this life, that social anxiety is preventing you from doing. Write it down. Tape it to a mirror, and say it to yourself as often as you can. Never lose sight of these desires and goals. It's your most important source for salvation.