Thursday, May 23, 2013

Remedy #100 Cupping Therapy to Treat Anxiety and Depression

What is Cupping Therapy? Well like acupuncture, Cupping Therapy is one of the oldest methods of Chinese medicine. Cupping is primarily used to help respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma, but it's quite common for practitioners to use it to treat depression and anxiety too. Like all Chinese medicine, the primary goal is to have a perfect balance in the mind and body.

How does cupping work? Typically in a session, cups made of glass are filled with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. The cotton ball is lit on fire and placed inside the cup. The reason for this is to remove oxygen from the cup to make a vacuum. Then the cups are placed upside-down on different parts of the body, typically the back and stomach, but sometimes the arms and legs. The lit cotton ball has been removed at this point, and the vacuum created allows the cup to be anchored to the skin. As the air inside the jar cools, the vacuum pulls the skin upward and the skin's pores are opened. Hopefully at this point the blood flow is stimulated enough that toxins leave the body through the pores. Plus, most patients feel the 5 to 15 minute cupping session is more relaxing then even a massage.

A purple-black discoloration may form at the top of the skin. It often appears like a bruise, but that's actually an expression of the toxins coming to the surface. They appear the most on people who have the worst lymph drainage and congestion of toxins. However, the more cupping sessions you do, the less these discolorations will show since you'll have less toxins every time. Below is a great video of a practitioner showing you how to perform cupping on a patient one step at a time. Plus, here's a related book recommended by a reader.