Saturday, May 11, 2013

Remedy #94 Avoid Harmful Coping Behavior to Treat Social Anxiety and Depression

What does this mean exactly? Well, we all deal with our anxiety and depression in our own way. The many ways posted on this blog are healthy. However, some people indulge in negative coping behaviors like alcohol, drug abuse, overeating, under-eating, sex addiction, overspending and sleeping all day. All these methods may work for you for a time. However, they are harmful and only temporary measures. They won't solve your problems.  In addition, each of these coping mechanisms will make your depression and anxiety worse. For instance, drinking alcohol may help you sleep, but it'll be poor quality sleep. Not the deep REM sleep you need. It'll make you feel sluggish and irritated. Another example is overeating. If you overeat, it becomes a vicious cycle since your body will be used to that calorie load, and will result with you needing more sleep, making you feel even more moody and depressed. Don't even get me started on drug abuse.

The video below discusses even more coping mechanisms.