Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remedy #107 Treat Depression and Anxiety by Avoiding Foods You're Allergic to!

As in the previous post, we're taking a look at how foods we are intolerant to can cause depression and anxiety. This time, we're expanding into all foods, including dairy. In the article linked at the very bottom, there is an intriguing piece in which it is discussed how humanity has had a relatively short time to adapt to the milk we consume from other species.  Our frequent difficulty with these recent foods, like gluten and dairy may have a very direct correlation with depression and anxiety. I mean, we've only been consuming cow milk and bread for thousands of years, while our ancestors had been eating meat and vegetables for millions of years.

Watch the youtube video below in which a naturopathic doctor discusses how to identify symptoms for food allergies. Also, here's a great book on the topic.