Friday, August 16, 2013

27 Things Only Introverts will Understand

There's a nice piece over at that most readers of this blog will relate to. Of the many aspects of being an introvert they touch upon, I personally can relate to the first one mentioned:

"When you need to take breaks and recharge after socializing for too long."

I totally get this. Whenever I'm at a party, social event or even just conversing with one person, I feel like I'm concentrating so hard and I'm not even sure why. It's as if socializing can feel as arduous as a workout. Therefore, it's a relief when someone else takes over the conversation so I can take a breather. Otherwise, the person I'm talking to thinks I don't like them.

Read the other 26 entries by clicking the link below. In addition, I've included an embedded video about "'The Power of Introverts' by Susan Cain" that I know you'll find very interesting.